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Copacan Canarias


Production begins with our experimental farm where we conducted tests with more than 20 varieties of potatoes. Our goal is to find more and more productive varieties with ideal culinary quality through the study of agronomic performance of new varieties in our production areas.


We use bio-stimulant products to strengthen the structure of the soil nurturing plant growth and active crop protection. We maintain a strict control of the active ingredients, safety periods, and level of MRL's, etc., while microbiological analysis of water, multi-residue, soil, etc. are carried out.





Our commercial farms are located in the Barranco de San Lorenzo in the town of Las Palmas and Espartero Teror, we have a cultivable area of ​​over 50 hectares devoted exclusively to the production of potatoes..




Besides selling our own potato products produced by us on our farms, we also sell associate producers´ products that are located in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote.


In farming we have introduced a livestock population of more than 800 head of sheep and 1400 goats both of Canarian breed as a way to initiate a sustainable and integrated development of the natural habitat of our sites, and shortly we´ll expand to other species of farm animals.


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