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Copacan Canarias
About us


Ricardo Dominguez Déniz, our founder, began his business in 1986 by the independent marketing of family farming for small supermarkets and shops. In 1997 he built Copacan Canarias SL as a company dedicated to the production, sorting, grading, packaging and distribution of consumer potato consumption as well as the sales of seed potatoes. In 2011 Copacan inaugurated the production of peeled potatoes. Currently, Copacan is the largest producer and marketer of Papa del País in the Canary Islands with two offices in Tenerife, two in Gran Canaria and one in Lanzarote.

Day by day our actions and decisions are aimed at achieving the following objectives:  


  • Protect the land 

  • Keeping alive the agricultural sector

  • Provide the necessary ingredients for its development

  • Market quality products in an efficient, responsible way at a fair price

  • Be Different


Our values ​​define who we are. We represent. We differ. They are our ethical principles. It is our company's personality. We are not perfect nor do we intend to be but we strive every day to be a little better than the day before. Are: committed, responsible, optimistic, excited, disciplined, rigorous, transparent, decided quickly, we are able to work, we strive, we work together, we pursue our goals consistently and continuously, we respect our company and look permanently satisfaction of our client.



We want to be an effective, efficient, profitable, productive, proactive, dynamic and responsive organization. We want to grow and expand our area of ​​operation; create jobs that allow for committed professional to excel.

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